Duration of eyelash extensions.The polymerization process of one-component cyanoacrylate glues used for eyelash extensions occurs upon
contact with weakly alkaline surfaces. Typically, the ambient humidity (on the surface of the bonded lashes and in the air) is sufficient to initiate the polymerization process and achieve a strong bond within a few seconds. The moisture present on the surface of the bond neutralizes the stabilizer in the glue and triggers the polymerization process between the surfaces. To achieve the fastest polymerization with a strong bond, it is necessary to have a sufficiently liquid consistency of the glue for thin distribution over the lash surface.
Optimal results are obtained when the relative humidity of the working environment is around 50-60% and
the temperature is room temperature. Lower humidity increases the bonding time (Figure 1), while higher humidity accelerates the process, but such acceleration can negatively impact the final bond strength and, consequently, the duration of the eyelash extension results.

Thus, it is necessary to monitor the air parameters of the working environment using a hygrometer and a
thermometer and make adjustments if necessary. If the room is not equipped with an air conditioner, a portable air humidifier or special primers or activators for the glue can be used.
The polymerization process in cyanoacrylate glues occurs as follows:
the acid stabilizer molecules prevent them from entering into a chemical reaction, keeping the glue in a liquid state (1).

Surface moisture neutralizes the stabilizer (2), initiating the polymerization process (3). This leads to the formation of numerous polymer chains that firmly interlock with each other (4).

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