• Participation must send image of the diplom with kopia of payment to .
• It is also up to the participant to ensure that they have a valid treatment insurance.
• Via registration on site, competitors must be able to present valid Swedish ID (Passport/ID-Card) or certificate of residence and valid foreign ID if you are not a Swedish citizen.
• Your notification is NOT approved before you have received confirmation
• SHSF and partners have the right to use all photos/movies from the event.


General rules
It is your duty as a contestant to read through and fully understand these rules.
If something is unclear, email us at to ask your question to the
The following are in place for you who compete: Bed, Table and Chair. All other staff you take with you. We will be thankfull if you can take your bed too.

Information regarding assessment protocols
Before start: All models are photographed with face and empty numbered protocols visible.

During competition: Floor judge follows established minutes with fixed points for assessment.

Assessment: The assessment is done in a separate room, a judge, the entire process is supervised by inspectors, all points are signed by the relevant judges, and are counted by controllers.

After assessment: All models are photographed with face image and completed protocol visible.

At the award ceremony: All protocols are handed over to the contestants in the award ceremony.
The organizer and its employees reserve the right to freely interpret these rules, judges’ decisions can not be appealed.

Registration fees are non refundable for any reason, including disqualification

Competitions Rules (Applies to All Categories)

All work must be done by you who registered.
• All work on the model takes place on site. Models must come to the competition without
make-up and extensions. Models may not have permanent make-up around the eyes.
• Participants are responsible for the model being available. – All models must be over 18
years old (ID check may occur).
• The participant is responsible for the behavior of his/her model during the competition.
Loud talk, giggle and laughter is not allowed and lead to less points.
• Participants and models are required to be in place for review and registration at appointed
time. Late arrival will result in disqualification.
• All participants are responsible for bringing all the products used to the competition.
• All products must be in their original packaging with original label. Glue must keep all
warning texts readable on the bottles. – Only black lash glue is allowed during the competition. Transparent lash glue brings with it disqualification.
• In classical lash extension, it is allowed to use the following: Thickness: 0.10mm -> 0.03mm, only plain synthetic fringes (not flat, ellipse, clover etc.) of any color.
• In Volume extension, it is allowed to use the following: Thickness: 0.07mm -> 0.03mm, only plain synthetic fringes (not flat, ellipse, clover etc.) of any color.
• Participants are responsible for the workplace being presented in a presentable state. Easy to
understand with closed packages before the start of the competition. Deduction of points
are made for non-hygienic workstations and a messy workplace.
• When the competition has begun, it is not allowed to leave the competition area without
permission from the competition manager or judge. Removing the participant / model area without permission leads to disqualification.
• Mobile tolking are not allowed during the competition.
• Signals / exclaminations are made by competition management / judges every 30 minutes
and at 15-10-5 minutes left of the contest period.
• At the end of the competition, competitors must immediately remove eyepads / tape
and put down their tools and shoot behind the chair from the bunk. Continued work on the model after this callout results in immediate disqualification!
• When the judges signals that the competition has ended, the model must stand in line for
assessment and carry new eyepads, lash brush and assessment card. During this time, the
participants have to leave the area.
• Things and material needs to be removed immediately from the room. The workplace must be left in original form.
• Under evaluation it is not allowed for models to talk between themselves or with judges (Except if the referee asks a direct question). It is not allowed for modell to leave the area without permission leads to disqualification.
• If modells behavior is bed av some reason it can leads to disqualification.
• The model must in no way show or convey the identity of the contestant to the referee.
Breaking against this causes immediate disqualification and the model leaves the area
without assessment!


Teacher and «NOT a teacher.»
2) If you carry out teaching activities (at home, in a private studio or at a training center, for Skype, etc.), you are a TEACHER, regardless of the length of service and your awards and accomplishments. Even if the student was alone.

Please carefully consider this information!

The judging system will be open, and we expect the same from you.
If you have questions about the category — write in private messages, we’ll help you figure it out.

If the situation happens that you won the prize-winning place not in your category,
our actions will be as follows: we disqualify you as a participant, we deny all awards, cups, prizes, diplomas of winners, we announce this officially.
Your achievements will have no power.

Please read this information, and take it very seriously !!

Draw your attention to The Championship team is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the participants of the Championship! In case of revealing a deliberate deception, the participant will be disqualified and deprived of all regalia and awards.

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