SHSF’s vision is to promote our customers common interests, to lift and help Cosmetic pigments, Permanent Makeup and Lashstylist. We work to develop and enhance members’ competence and skills, to push for a serious and competent professionals with responsibility. The focus will be on ethics, quality and customer safety and security.

The background to this is that we are increasingly seeing incompletely trained or untrained operators that compete with skilled workers. We want to guide all health and beauty and create a whole. We want to become stronger, highlight each other in cooperation with others and grow.

SHSF will be a network at the forefront of a strong brand and a unified management.


SHSF is a trade association registered as a nonprofit organization with the objective to work for the best in the industry as well as for customer security. We would also welcome entrepreneurs, suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers as members. This is to facilitate communication, training and consensus between the parts.


According to our statutes, is the association’s aim to promote their common interests. Being a member of the association undertake by the membership to follow a set of minimum rules that members believe that a professional should follow; so that customers will be able to feel confident and also be able to check themselves that these minimum standards are complied with. In this way we help our customers to see for themselves and make our minimum rules easy vividly in our work environment.


We want to give our  members higher status , legitimacy and increase income opportunities. By well-defined role and a strong brand this can occur. Even the contact with authorities status can be strengthened.


The purpose of SHSF’s Code of Ethics is:

To maintain a high standard in the beauty industry.

To protect customers from improper professional conduct.

Contributing to an appropriate behavior between members, to clients and the general public.



  • Individual 300 kr (30 euro)
  • School 900 kr (90 euro)
  • Brand 900 kr (90 euro)

Board of Directors

The association started  2015.

Roea Jorat : President

Victoria Grepo : Vice president/Cashier

Daniel Benght : Section Manager


Responsibility Section

The association maintains five places for each section group. Do you want to be one of those, please contact us.  We expect that all members of the association has minimum three years of work experience in the health and beauty industry. By then you are gladly welcome to apply and participate in the Responsibility section. The section board participates in meetings and organizes activities for all members as exhibitions, competitions, seminars, etc. If you have suggestions for some other fun ideas or perhaps yourself want to sit in the section board, do not hesitate to contact us.  Thank you.

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