10 November – International Lash & Brows Conference

9.00 – 17.00;

Pris: 3500 SEK (tickets here)

We are pleased to inform you about coming Conference 10 November 2017. Where well known eyelash and permanent makeup professionals will share their knowledge.

You will have a possibility to meet best of best, see workshops and discuss what is most interesting for you.

Elena Stackhovich (BY) – ”Beautiful eyes or basic rules in modeling the look.”
 Darja Striletskaja (UK) – “Secrets for success in competitions”.
 Irina Ronite (ES) – “Lash lift with Botox Lamination”.
 Nina Naukkarinen (FI)– Workshop “Puder Brows.”
 Inga Misiute (UK) – “Kily styl”
 Miranda Tarpey (UK) – ” the VOLUMETRIC CALCULATOR”. This is teaching lash makers how many multiple lashes they can use for different natural lashes.
 Nelly Soimina (KZ) – “Mega Volum. Creation of the covers for the gaps between eyelashes. ”
 Karin Ruus (SW) – ”Lashlift styling”
 Roea Jorat ( SW) – ”Microblading”.
 Jessica Lima (BR) – ”Marketing your Lash Business» ( Start,Build & Grow) •What is Branding? •DYS Graphic Creation • Creating professional adverts ( instagram & facebook) •Facebook cover •The importance of collecting clients email.
 Francesca Nappi (IT) – “About complex eyes modeling”
 Alla Romazanova (BY) – “Volym i 3D brows. 2 in 1 tecknik.

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